11 best practices to increase your brand awareness using social media


Building brand awareness is critical but social media can help this happen since it is a platform with many people in one place. According to a study, more than half of the world now uses social media and by 2021 there could be 3.02 billion social media users, thus giving you the potential to reach many people.


What is brand awareness? the extent to which consumers are familiar with a brand. Social media is a great platform to increase your brand awareness since it is a great platform to maintain consumer relationships while also having the opportunity to be found by new leads. Maintaining a social media account to attract customers can be tricky but a digital marketing agency will make sure to help you increase your brand awareness. 


There are numerous ways to increase your brand awareness through social media, here are 11 practices to follow which you can use to charge up your brand awareness using social media. 


  1. Choose the right social media network – You need to know that now all social media networks work the same way to bring you more customers, choosing a right social media platform can be challenging but you need to make educated decisions, you need to understand, which networks do your customers use, the popularity of a social media channel, is the channel suitable for your brand and how can it contribute to increasing your brand awareness, once you narrow down your choices it will be helpful to choose the right platform to gain more customer reach and increase your brand awareness.
  2. Be unique – If you want to increase your brand awareness you need to stand out from the crowd, Social media is where companies can relate to audiences on a personal level, your content needs to be recognizable so consumers can relate to your brand. It is always a good idea to hire a creative branding agency if you want your brand to stand out.
  3. Make the most of influencer marketing – According to recent statistics around 61% of the younger population makes their purchasing decisions based on the opinions of influencers. But there is a catch, influencer marketing is not suitable for all products in the marketing, and choosing the right influencer is very important, their reach and post engagement should be considered before considering it.
  4. Tailor your content – Sharing content across all social media platforms could be beneficial but, you need to tailor your posts and content according to the social media platform, what works very well on LinkedIn might not work as well on Instagram because the audience on LinkedIn is different compared to the audience on Instagram. So customizing your content according to the platform is highly beneficial.
  5. Post engaging content – Posting engaging content on your page will increase your reach to potential customers and help your business grow, you can do this in the form of quizzes, giveaways, talking about viral trends, asking questions, etc. 
  6. More followers do not mean more engagement  – Having more followers on your social media pages might look good but having more followers who do not engage on your posts is worthless, your page gets more recognition on social media platforms when people save your images or engage on it by liking, sharing and commenting on your posts, so try to post attractive content.
  7. Hashtags! – Hashtags are free and a great way to get your content noticed and put your content in front of thousands of audience, using the right hashtags is very important and they can expand your reach to a great extent. You can use hashtags related to your services or products or even viral topics to get noticed.
  8. Join groups – Facebook and LinkedIn have groups that revolve around a certain topic, joining those groups and interacting with the members and posting your content there will help you reach new potential clients that will increase your business and will also help to spread the word about your business.
  9. Ads and paid campaigns – Social media also provides you with paid advertising to reach your potential clients, you can select your target audience, set your keywords and it is also easy to track and manage the ads without any hassle, setting up a social media ad can be a complex process but hiring a digital marketing company to set up and manage ads for your business will provide you with the best results.
  10. Use Quora – Quora is often overlooked by many companies when it comes to brand awareness. Quora is a great platform to convert your leads into customers, answering questions on Quora is a great way to let people know about your brand and increase traffic to your website.
  11. Blogging and guest blogging – One in 7 people visit your website because of your blogs, blogs are a great way to increase traffic to your website and get more leads. Write blogs on topics that people can relate to and share it across all your social media channels and if the content is good it will get shared.


Conclusion – Increasing your brand awareness can be daunting but it is essential to grow your business and increase your customer reach, with these tips we hope you can grow your brand awareness with ease. There are a lot of elements that need to be handled with a lot of planning and many approaches that are required. Miraki technologies is a leading digital marketing agency in Hyderabad and one of the best SEO company in India that provides services to businesses with a much smaller advertising budget. Our professional’s skills push your business in the right direction and engage with the right audience At Miraki technologies we thrive to manage this effectively, it gives our customers control over where and how they spend their money.

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