Laravel - Rapid and quick application development approach

Laravel is an amazing MVC PHP framework, intended for designers who need a straightforward and rich toolbox to make full-highlighted web applications.The growing interest for Laravel in web development industry has made a Swell. It was Created by Taylor Otwell as an endeavor to give a further developed option in contrast to the CodeIgniter structure, which did not give certain highlights such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization. Laravel also offers a paid set of additional features bundled into a package named Laravel Spark. The package was developed by Taylor Otwell and provides additional tools for online SaaS businesses to integrate with services like Stripe, Producing invoices, Bootstrap 4.0, and team authentication. As of June 2018, the package version is 6.0.

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Why choose Laravel framework?
The framework has the following advantages which might help you :-
Security: It’s the eternal verity that no application is 100% secure and things will depend on how we use and write code and its structure. But in contrast to other frameworks Laravel has some good signs of security. Laravel has got CSRF tokens for security purposes. These examine on each “POST” request, so ensure you use them, substantially this guards you from someone altering the nature of the request, i.e. from “POST” to “GET”.
Emerging star: A large number of web development companies are now getting adapted to Laravel due to its dynamic capabilities and they are getting good response. You can see its prominence in Google trends. In Google trends you will observe the difference clearly as how this Laravel framework is gaining popularity and its growing exponentially.
Template: One of the best aspect of this framework is Blade templating engine. It’s so innate that it works much better with the typical PHP/HTML. In Laravel, templates are very tranquil from which you can create amazing and decent layouts.You can utilize unique sort of gadgets of JS and CSS with strong structure.So this optimises your websites load time which in turn helps in websites search engine performance.

Integration: It can be easily integrated with many popular FrontEnd Javascript frameworks like VueJS, Angular JS and Reactjs making it even a better choice.
Laracast: Laracasts is the top-notch tool for learning Laravel. Here you will get both free and paid video tutorials which guide you to become efficient in Laravel. These video lectures are made by experts and experienced instructors who offers clear and precise instructions. So if you want to master Laravel and want to build your career around it then Laracast is worth looking at.

Artisan: Laravel is providing a built- in tool called Artisan, which allows users to perform lengthy programming tasks really quickly and developers can interact using command line that handles the Laravel project. It is used to create a properly structured code which makes it easier to manage the database system.
Ready Made apps: With the growing acceptance of Laravel and  increasing demand of customers asking for its enhanced features now there are Various easily accessible apps available which can be used to add any feature in Laravel website. This actually reduces the effort and in that way it’s even cost effective.This is one of the vital reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework that it supports
MVC Architecture. Due to this it helps in improving the performance, better documentation, and has multiple built-in functionalities. Miraki technologies has been developing websites using emerging technologies with focusing on the present and future customer requirements. The core adroitness of the organization includes Web development, Application Development, Mobile Application Development and Digital Marketing.