REACT.JS in Business.

Over the years, website development has shifted from one framework to other. these include node js, ruby on rails, Django etc. These frameworks help to automate the functionalities of common activities in web development. Web frameworks help in building web application and play a cruial role in URL mapping and security .

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ~ Anonymous

We have two sides of a frame work: -

  • Client side

  • Server side

Still after many years of technological development and extensive research in the subject HTML and Java Script form nuts and bolts of these frameworks.

What is react.js ?

React.js is a web framework that fortune 500 companies use to build their dynamic and good looking websites.React.js is an open source framework, simple and easy to implement code platform. react is maintained by Facebook.

How react.js helps your business?

React creates a dynamic and responsive website that helps customers to have more engagement. Customers tend to like more interactive websites where they can get dynamic responses with better UI experience than the other websites. We can put forth the following points to explain usability of react websites in businesses:

  • Reuse and Reduce:     

                                    As per conventional HTML and java script, there is redundant and sizeable coding where as in React, the codes written are reduced and optimized version of their predecessor. Js Library importing helps react to reduce the defining of function and also reuse these libraries again and again. Thus, react is widely known for reusability of components.


  • Asynchronous fetching:

                              In asynchronous fetching, any component updated, for example a like button in Facebook is updated and updated component refreshes asynchronously that reduces load on the server.


  • Faster loading of pages:

                                            Due to minimal work on server, thanks to asynchronous fetching the pages load faster increasing its page load speed and better Alexa/google ranking. Customers also like pages that consume less of their time.


  • Enhanced UI:

                    One of the dominant works of React in the industry is to make use of MVC (model view control) and create magical User Interface experience that makes your website more noticeable and unique in the eyes of consumer.

  • SEO chummy:

   While we look at technical advantages of react , We ignore its Search Engine Optimization friendly usage . its above salient feature that react helps to make react SEO friendly.

Thus, react is a framework with amazing functionality. The major hindrances that come in the path of creating a wonderful react website are its learning curve and its is not a stand-alone product. learning react is lot of work! It needs another framework to work with. React is multiplatform framework and can be used with ionic, ruby etc . Rest assured that react websites can sustain in Long run of the digital business race .

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