How Does Cloud Solutions Enhance Your Business?

01 December 2020

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Many of you have either heard of or are aware of cloud computing. But do you really know what cloud computing is and how can it help you to grow your business? We at Miraki Technologies are the best Cloud Solutions Provider in Hyderabad. In the past few years, there has been a huge rise in the number of companies using cloud computing. The Revolution of cloud technology has given businesses a chance to achieve their highest business goals and get a competitive edge.

Big corporations have been using cloud platforms for a few years. But, now small companies are taking their business to the next level with the effective use of cloud solutions.

From using applications on machines to hosting them on remote cloud locations, many companies and businesses have started noticing a lot of advantages of using the same application over the internet.

Cloud computing is becoming the new normal for a lot of companies.

Cloud Solutions has completely changed the way in which companies operate. Cloud Solutions enhances your business productivity and profit in many ways.

There are 4 types of cloud computing business solutions - web-based services, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, if you want to read more about the types of cloud computing solutions read our blog where we talk about it in detail.

Ways in Which Cloud Solutions Enhances Your Business

1. Access from anywhere and everywhere - With the use of cloud solutions you will be able to access your documents on any device at any location provided you have a working internet connection. This allows you to access your work wherever and whenever you want. Teams can easily access the same data or document that helps to improve collaborations, a Forbes survey revealed that 64% of people reported that cloud solutions tools have helped them to execute their task much faster and better.

2. Cost Reduction - Buying equipment for your business and maintaining them is not an easy task and not to forget, it is expensive as well. Hardware needs to be updated from time to time and a lot of people need to be hired to maintain them. Cloud solutions reduce the cost that is needed to purchase new hardware, setting up, and managing a cloud is easy and affordable. The pay as you go option is the best way to save money on your cloud solutions. The cost of paying for space, electricity, security staff, insurance for hardware, air-conditioning to keep your hardware systems working, and also the cost of ongoing maintenance is reduced using cloud solutions. Miraki Tech is a cloud solutions provider in Hyderabad contacting us to reduce your operation costs.

3. Increased Security - With cloud hosting, your business is highly protected from hacking, infection, and internal data theft. Cloud providers are required to agree with a range of stringent security regulations in order to protect their customers’ data. This includes the utilization of strong firewall technology that features intrusion prevention systems and in-flow virus protection. These detect and remove threats before they even reach your server. With extensive VPN features, you can even extend your office into the cloud.

4. Unlimited Space - Cloud solutions virtually offer unlimited storage. There are many cloud storage providers who give unlimited space and control, We are a cloud solution provider based in Hyderabad and offer unlimited space cloud solutions. Large amounts of data are required to run any business, no matter how big or small your business is you can store your data in various forms like audios, files, and videos, etc. Storing documents using cloud solutions eliminates the need for every user to have a personal copy of the files and documents, it saves space and allows all the users to have an updated version.

5. Flexible, Functional, and Efficient - The business landscape is ever-changing, it is interesting to see how many companies adapt themselves, often many years too late. Cloud solutions allow you to adapt to market conditions with certain flexibility that is not available when you use on site solutions. Other than adapting to external conditions, cloud solutions also enable quick responses to internal demands. Suppose user demand increases, cloud services can rise to meet the demands, and then be easily decreased as demand drops again. This eliminates the problem of over-provisioning or IT systems overload.

6. Cloud Solutions Increases Productivity Investing in cloud solutions allows businesses to provide a central repository for all the data, communications, and processing. With this central hub, employees can work from anywhere in the world at any time, using any internet-connected device of their choice. Employees and customers can connect through the cloud 24/7 for improved services. Companies can also save money by integrating cloud services. Cloud accounting software can easily link to customer relationship management software and work together. Many startups and businesses are making use of these services, which can improve the company’s growth. Upgrades are simple as adjusting the cloud service fees. But cloud services are a new technology, they are already changing the way we do business by making more productivity possible.

7. Business Control - This is one of the most important benefits of cloud solutions. It may not show an impact directly, but it surely makes a difference. Once you move your business to a cloud platform, you can have full control over your entire business operation. Starting with your HR department to the finance department. Knowing the sales figures to analyze warehouse management strategies. With cloud solutions, you can manage and control the whole back-office program. You can make sure your entire business can be integrated under one set. Cloud computing services allow small businesses to run the business effectively without facing any hurdles.


Cloud Solutions has transformed the IT industry in the past few years and it is suitable for all businesses who are looking to extend their resources and be more productive. As you have read, cloud solutions provide a lot of benefits to companies. It is cost-effective, it can save you money, it’s highly reliable and it also provides the scalability, high performance, flexibility, agility, and security that businesses need from their IT systems. Miraki Technologies is a trusted cloud hosting service provider in Hyderabad. Our professionals are certified in all the leading cloud technologies. We are committed to offering customized cloud server hosting plans that can help you to scale up your business. It is a network of services in multiple locations, which shares data and resources among themselves. We hold a good position with our services in Hyderabad. Without the best web hosting, your ability to run a successful website is going to be affected.

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