8 Reason's why you should redesign your website

In today's digital world 90% of business purchase decisions start with online searches.The pace in which Marketing Technologies are prospering continue to surge. Everything from website platforms,frameworks to methodologies and costs with IT are significantly different than they were in times past. Your website is your digital storefront which makes a first impression to answer your customers’ questions and encourages them to visit or call to make a purchase. Having a innovative and responsive website is more important to get ahead of your competitors, some of whom may already have a website which is driving business.

A successful website does three things : It attracts the right kinds of visitor, guides them to the main services or products you offer, collect contact details for future ongoing relations ~ Anonymous

If you opt to stay on older technologies, you could be slackening your bottom line with inefficiencies such as additional maintenance costs, retaining user analytics and time required to deploy improvements. As such, there are diverse reasons why you should revamp your website in 2019.

1. You’ve reformed your brand : your website promotes 24*7 and hence it should be memorable, stand out and stay ahed of the competetion.    If you have updated your brand you should keep up with changing times. 
2. Unable to attain and retain customers : Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Loss of traffic is a great reason to redesign your website for       2019. A website redesign will help you decrease your bounce rate and turn that traffic into leads for your business. A fresh design can      have a huge impact on how your audience interacts with your business page.

3. Your site is sedated :  Constant elevations in technology open the door to an overflow    of instantly accessible information. This leaves         people hungry for more information and more services. Your website vistors make snap decisions based on look and feel of your website and     how quick your website loads across various platforms. From your coding to your visual elements there are various aspects of the site that      can make it sedated.
4. You haven’t optimized for mobile : Since majority of your customers are most probably visiting your website via their mobile phones and        tablets. Having a mobile-friendly website will surely impact your business and add to your strength. In recent times mobile users have      been exceeding desktop users, showing that more than half of online traffic now comes from mobile devices.

5. You don’t have micro-experiences : A micro-experience is a small nuance on your site that makes the online experience special. It can be       something as simple as a ding noise, different animations or a small notifications button. These micro-experiences enhance your user            experience on your website

6. Call to Actions : If your current website is limited in call to actions and doesn't allow much customisation it's time to get something more      flexible and powerful for your sales funnel and business growth. Never leave your site visitors pondering what they should do next. If it's      not elusive and instinctive they will never return and that's sadly lost lead

7.  Website security and compliance : Customers are more and more concerned and aware about privacy and security as they visit and take         actions on websites. Even if you aren’t storing user data on your website, it’s important to do what you can to make sure your website is        secure. Security issues may even effect your positions on SERP. Security of your website is critical to build trust, engage, retain, and          convert your website visitors

8. Content Optimisation : The optimisation of your content may help you with SEO and also should engage audience coming from various            backgrounds