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29 July 2020

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance, also known as QA, focuses on avoiding flaws. Quality Assurance guarantees that the methodologies, procedures, strategies, and techniques that are intended for the project are executed accurately.

Quality assurance engineers monitor and verify that the procedure used to manage and create the deliverables have been followed and are functioning. Quality assurance plays a vital role in web development without which the functioning of the website will be flawed and customer satisfaction cannot be achieved.

Why Quality Assurance?

All through the product programming process, it might happen that the developers don’t see a few issues on its interface. That is the reason there is a requirement for analysis.


  • Quality assurance helps a company meet with its client’s demands and expectations. It saves costs and fixes issues before problems become larger, and it helps to set and maintain quality standards by preventing problems, to begin with.

  • It provides new suggestions and views on your project as the entire project is examined thoroughly, experts can always add something useless and determine any flaws.

  • Quality assurance helps to meet clients’ demands and expectations by making sure the end result meets the business and user requirements. It also ensures the reliability of the application and the satisfaction of the user.

  • It builds a reputation by ensuring everything works properly before it is released. If not, the users notice something works not in the right way which will result in loss of reputation and brand trust.

  • The most important concern of any client is mainly the safety of the application, software, or website. Quality assurance ensures the safety of personal data breaches and most importantly loss of customers and users’ business data.


  • Review of requirements

    The quality assurance team examines the functional and non-functional site features. If necessary, they will correct them and ensure they are clear and steady. This enables us to deliver the planned outcome and keep away from fixes later.

  • Test planning

    Based on the result gathered during the analysis, QA engineers move on to the planning stage. A well-executed plan should include the strategy, scope, schedule, budget, deadlines, resources, types of testing, required software, risk, bug reporting procedures, role and responsibility, and more.

  • Test design

    consists of creating and writing a collection of test cases, also known as a test suite, for testing a piece of software. At this point in the testing process, it’s important to analyze what must be tested and define the test conditions. These test conditions must be converted into test cases using test data. If the project includes automation, they also create automation scenarios. They also prepare the testing environment.

  • Test execution and bug reporting

    At this stage, QA engineers execute the created cases or run automated scripts. They list the bugs in the special bug-tracking software or generate automated reports.

  • Regression testing

    When these bugs get fixed or when more related functionality is added, QA engineers perform relapse testing to ensure everything works appropriately and nothing has been influenced by the new changes. Later, this process should be performed every time a new feature is added.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control difference:

Quality assurance and quality control are often incorrectly used interchangeably. QA is a managerial process with a set of activities to ensure the quality of the procedure by which products are developed. Whereas, quality control is a corrective process with a set of activities that ensures quality in the products its main focus is to eliminate any defects in the end product.


Overall, we can say that every software developed requires a proper quality assurance check without which a company might face damage in the near future which may also lead to loss of customer satisfaction and lower brand value. It is most effective when it’s in place from the start. When quality assurance is done right, it provides confidence, tests the product, and lets companies market their products with few worries. Miraki Technologies, Quality Assurance Services in Hyderabad, has a proven track record of ensuring Quality Assurance Services, high -quality software, and cost-efficient testing. We at Miraki Technologies, Testing Services Company in Hyderabad always help our clients by delivering them a reliable and robust software.

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